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Graded Care Profile 2

Graded Care Profile 2 

In October 2015 the NSPCC published two evaluation reports, the first was an Evaluation of the Graded Care Profile. From the findings of that report they worked with the originator of the Graded Care Profile to produce the Graded Care Profile version 2, and the second report is an Evaluation of Graded Care Profile Version 2.

The Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2) is a tool designed to provide an objective measure of the care of children. It is primarily based on the qualitative measure of the commitment shown by parents or carers in meeting their children's developmental needs. To use the GCP2 practitioners are required to carry out or work with partners to do 4-6 announced and unannounced visits to observe a family. This should be completed in a designated time of between 2-4 weeks. 

Solihull has a licence to train people to use Graded Care Profile Version 2 as phase 2 of the NSPCC pilot. A multi-agency group of 10 practitioners and supervisors voluntered to be part of an implementation group to trial the use of the tool. Findings from their work were presented to the LSCB in this report, and a case study was produced.

Multiagency training is now available and places can be booked in the training section of this website.