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Case Learning Meetings

Solihull LSCB has led the development of a process, which draws on systems methodology, and should be used by the core group to support reflection and promoting successful outcome of the Child Protection Plan. This process is known as a case Learning Meeting.

The Meeting has the specific purpose of:

  • Reviewing how the professional partnership of the core group is working to achieve the outcomes of the Child Protection Plan;
  • Identifying, and reflecting upon possible solutions to, any key issues and barriers to the promoting successful outcomes of the Child Protection Plan. This might include:
  • How the professional network works together to progress the plan;
  • Understanding how the engagement of parents (and other carers if applicable) in the Child Protection Plan is impacting on the outcomes and aims of the plan being achieved;
  • Reflecting on how the core group is identifying, and understanding, change that is required to ensure a successful discontinuing of  the child protection plan;
  • Appraisal and reflection on the suitability of the outcomes of the plan, including timeliness for the child of any required changes.

The Case Learning Meeting is a model that can be used by any multi-agency group working with a child and their family, and at any time during the multi-agency plan.

There is an agenda that should be used, although additional agenda items can be agreed by the core group.

The meeting should be facilitated by any member of the core group, other than the lead social worker.

At the conclusion of the meeting the  Case Learning Summary Document is to be completed. This document should be held on the child’s social work file and distributed to all those who attended

Full procedures are available here