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Children & young people

Useful Information

Barnardos have created a leaflet for young people explaining more about Child Sexual Exploitation.

Umbrella Sexual Health Services for Solihull and Birmingham provides useful information on healthy relationships and offers advice if you are concerned about pregnancy or sexual health.

See Me Hear Me is a West Midlands wide campaign which aims to improve people's awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation.

The Disrespect NoBody website offers advice and guidance on healthy relationships.

Barnardos have developed an app which can be downloaded for free which helps you to consider safe choices relating to relationships and Child Sexual Exploitation. 'Wud U?' can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play or by visiting Barnardos Website.

CEOP can provide if you have been abused or groomed online. You can also report online abuse here. This can include inappropriate contacts via social networks or chat rooms.

'Say Something' is a new national service which aims to raise awareness amongst young people of CSE and provides advice on how to stay safe. Click here for a briefing about the new service.

Film Clips

Watch this interactive video of a girl at risk of exploitation and decide what happens next and how her story ends:

'Exposed' is a ten minute clip which shows what can happen with images which are shared via mobile phones or social networks.

'Sick Party' is another short clip which shows how Child Sexual Exploitation can happen.

Eastenders featured a storyline where Whitney was groomed for sexual exploitation. This video was made for training Police Officers about Child Sexual Exploitation, and it shows clearly how Whitney was targeted and groomed.

This short clip explains how boys can be sexually exploited, as well as girls.

'Losing Control: Jay' is a short animated clip which explains how a relationship that seemed great, turned into exploitation.