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About LSCB

About LSCB

Solihull Local Safeguarding Children Board, (LSCB), is a representative group of agenices in Solihull involved in safeguarding children and child protection.

Solihull LSCB is made up of members whose role and seniority enable them to commit their organisation/agency to the development and maintenance of effective inter-agency working to safeguard children and young people in Solihull.

The LSCB works to ensure that the local authority and its partners are working effectively to safeguard and the promote the welfare of children.

Solihull LSCB has three key priorities for 2018/2019

  • To support the delivery of Early Help services
  • To promote positive and promising practice on neglect, and gather evidence of the impact 
  • To help children at risk of exploitation and provide support into adulthood

Annual Report